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What is CryptoCurrency

What is cryptocurrency? The common trope amongst the general population is over associating terms that don’t define either. This rises to the dissociation that will never appear when mentioning Cryptocurrency, consumers think Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of many Cryptocurrencies but is not the definitive term for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency – a digital currency Cryptocurrency is

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Overview of the XRP Ledger

What is the XRP Ledger? The XRP Ledger is a decentralized cryptographic ledger powered by a network of peer-to-peer servers. The ledger contains the digital asset XRP which Ripple aims to use their protocols to help bridge currencies in worldwide use. XRP is open source allowing contributors to fix and improve the digital asset. Ripple’s

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Buying XRP in Australia

As the end nears a question that's commonly asked when you're living in Australia, is how can I buy XRP in Australia (or Ripple), or any digital token for that matter. It's great timing to think about investing - as we're starting to see a bear market, so many investors are trying to get in believing

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Recap On Our Swell Price Prediction Survey

Near the end With the end of the year approaching ever so near, the question remains amongst the #xrphodlers who are patiently waiting on their price prediction that they're most happy with. It's quite surprising when looking back to our price prediction of the first day of #SwellByRipple, where the majority of the community voted

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