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Mercury FX updates with overseas payments and remittance

Ripple Paving the way for overseas payments to Mexico and Philippines  Ripple’s involvement in the world of overseas remittance has taken another step forward after meeting with the Jalisco state Government (Western Mexican State). The Ripple twitter posted this update regarding the official meeting on 19 March 2019. These meetings were held to resolve issues

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Ripple’s Xpring and Forte to set up $100 million fund

On 12 March 2019, a retweet by Ripple’s official Twitter revealed the latest installment of Ripple’s development. The tweet by Ethan Beard (Senior Vice President of Xpring) announced the partnering of Xpring with Forte, a game industry blockchain platform. This joint initiative involves the creation of a $100 million fund to support the integration of blockchain technology

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XRP now live on Coinbase Pro

XRP has finally arrived to Coinbase Pro  XRP has officially made its way into Coinbase Pro. Three order books have entered full-trading mode, XRP/USD, XRP/EUR, and XRP/BTC. This includes Limit, market and stop orders. At this stage, users from US (excluding NY), UK, supported European Union member nations, Canada, Singapore, and Australia are allowed

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Euro Exim Bank disregards SWIFT Net and joins Ripple Net

Ripple leading waves into the new year Ripple is showing the Cryptocurrency they are not any company. As Brad Garglinghouse aims to make the internet of value by being exchanged as quickly as information. This statement comes to fruition at their attempt to overthrow the current market leader in global transactions: SWIFT. Ripple is the current

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FlashFX utilises border payment solution using xrp

Time has come for Australians. Despite the market downturn in recent events, Ripple comes to light with great news. One close to home, Flash FX, a payment transfer platform, has announced the launch of its latest cross border payment solution using XRP that is targeted to improve the concept of foreign exchange in Australia. FlashFX

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BiTrue adds Pundi X and three additional listings

Was Christmas a letdown? It’s been a tough start for the CryptoCurrency community with the market following the trends of the 2018 bear market. The light is starting to show amongst alt coins with Ethereum showing positive gains over the past week. XRP has shown positive stabilisation while adoption and base pairs are building

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Overview of the XRP Ledger

What is the XRP Ledger? The XRP Ledger is a decentralized cryptographic ledger powered by a network of peer-to-peer servers. The ledger contains the digital asset XRP which Ripple aims to use their protocols to help bridge currencies in worldwide use. XRP is open source allowing contributors to fix and improve the digital asset. Ripple’s

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Buying XRP in Australia

As the end nears a question that's commonly asked when you're living in Australia, is how can I buy XRP in Australia (or Ripple), or any digital token for that matter. It's great timing to think about investing - as we're starting to see a bear market, so many investors are trying to get in believing

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Recap On Our Swell Price Prediction Survey

Near the end With the end of the year approaching ever so near, the question remains amongst the #xrphodlers who are patiently waiting on their price prediction that they're most happy with. It's quite surprising when looking back to our price prediction of the first day of #SwellByRipple, where the majority of the community voted

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