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Is the timeline shorter for blockchain adoption?

What's next? What timeline do we consider when we look at Blochkain and the adoption of cryptocurrency? It's important to look at the factors that play against global adoption as some coins do particularly well, and others go sideways - it leaves the question as to what factors play account into the success of the

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Nasdaq Backed Cryptoexchange Live!

DX Exchange the new entrant to the crypto market has hit the crypto market full force. The Cryptocurrency exchange partnered with Nasdaq, holds operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, will pair all the aforementioned six major cryptocurrencies with the United States Dollar (USD), the Euro (EURO) and Japanese Yen (JPY). The exchange

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BitTorrent launches BTT on TRON Network

BitTorrent, a communication protocol for peer-to-peer technology sharing of files on the internet. Launched their own coin on the TRX network called Blocktrade Token. The news helped TRX and BTT respond positively amongst the bear market. Positively responding over the past 4 days with their current 2.69% 24 hours increase. TRX is the currency

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How Could Cryptocurrency Change the World?

  The expectation of a changed world is based on the subjective view of the individuals outlook. This is a relative question whether investors prognosticate a ‘changed world’ on their perspective of wealth. This perspective can be dangerous when describing the potential of Cryptocurrency. Converting the wealth back to FIAT currency is an ironic view

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What is CryptoCurrency

What is cryptocurrency? The common trope amongst the general population is over associating terms that don’t define either. This rises to the dissociation that will never appear when mentioning Cryptocurrency, consumers think Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of many Cryptocurrencies but is not the definitive term for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency – a digital currency Cryptocurrency is

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