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Ethereum overthrows XRP, will this dominance stay during 2019?

Late 2018, we saw a turn of the year where XRP overtook Ethereum as the second largest by market cap. This came of a time of a lot of hype for XRP and the Crypto space. It was a question of whether or not XRP will lead the rally of 2018. Adoption was being whispered, with the question will XRP hit all-time highs during the end of the year.  This came to question based on rumours amongst the XRP community, which was driving many investors in emptying their wallets into the coin.

The speculation was leading up to Swell with all the whispers talking about xRapid being turned on. This contained the bullish trend for XRP shortly lived, as the coin dipped.

As the year came to close, the biggest events for CryptoCurrency comes early with Ethereum leading the alt coin race. This is a great start for Ethererum this year as the prices for ethereum a year ago today, was of $864 with a market cap of $84 billion.

Lost hope?

It has come to surprise to the community. XRP has shown incredible news across 2018, further enlighted by xRapid being officially ‘turned on’ during swell. This has come to question how ‘long’ is the adoption going to take for these prices to go on a bullish trend. XRP with official partners utilising the protocols offered by RippleNet for on-demand liquidity has yet to make it’s mark on the crypto space.

Will January be history breaking?

With the start of the month being filled with unpredictable events, this leads to the possibility of what will occur in 2019. It has come to the question of whether or not this month will have an impact on the year for crypto. With Ethereum now leading back as the best Altcoin, will others show promise as we enter deeper into the year of 2019?

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