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How Could Cryptocurrency Change the World?


The expectation of a changed world is based on the subjective view of the individuals outlook. This is a relative question whether investors prognosticate a ‘changed world’ on their perspective of wealth. This perspective can be dangerous when describing the potential of Cryptocurrency.

Converting the wealth back to FIAT currency is an ironic view if you believe cryptocurrencies is your way to wealth. Ponders the question if they believe the technology of blockchain or want the monetary gains of a digital asset that appreciates.

The debate

Cryptocurrency amongst long-term investors aim to invest in the next technological ‘evolution’. This is based on the premise of Cryptocurrency and digital assets change transactions. Cryptocurrency allows the use of tokens to be used in many ways that eliminate third-parties.

On the contrary, investors focus on investing on the next ‘penny stocks’ and their way of trying to be millionaires.  There is vast collection of stories of people in crypto that aim for short-term gains and in short is retaliated negatively. This became apparent when 2018 came around and Bitcoin hit an All-time high of $19,891.00 USD which as of today’s conversion is $28,263 AUD.

Benefits to everyday life

Cryptocurrency that allows two parties to conduct transactions without third-parties including fees and increasing prices. For example: If I were to sell a house to an individual, we can do it solely between us and the blockchain and eliminating the unnecessary third-parties and fees. This concept can be extrapolated to many industries. It’s safe to assume the potential of Cryptocurrency is still yet to be clarified as there are still many developments to be made.

An example of a coin that can change our everyday life is XRP.

XRP is a digital asset that is being used to facilitate reliable, on-demand liquidity to banks and payment providers for cross-border payments. This is being pioneered by the protocols at Ripple Labs that utilise the XRP ledger for their payment protocols.

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