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Is the timeline shorter for blockchain adoption?

What’s next?

What timeline do we consider when we look at Blochkain and the adoption of cryptocurrency? It’s important to look at the factors that play against global adoption as some coins do particularly well, and others go sideways – it leaves the question as to what factors play account into the success of the industry. It’s important to look at the broader picture as the coins you invest in depends on the gains you are trying to receive in the market. Cryptocurrencies face barriers that will take a couple of years to overcome or even a decade. Taking a look at Ripple, they are changing the way global remittance works which means every country they work in has macro factors that can hinder the development of Ripple.

Recent Month

The news of Enjin collaborating with Samsung, it leaves the question on what else is in the works? Enjin Coin focuses on gaming, and it aims to be a coin for the industry of gaming. In the same context of having fewer external factors affecting the adoption. When it comes to Global Adoption in an unregulated territory – who will be the ones going to drive the prices of tokens? The issue that comes by letting the big players run the show – it gives them control over the market. Enjin utilised their leverage in the business market to gain the attention of a big player and had them invest in the coin in which meant the industry.

Determining Factor

The factors for adoption is not whether or not the coin is loved by the community – it is more importantly determined by the external factors they face.



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